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The Path Towards Simplicity

Do we look back or look towards the future? Do I listen to my parents or disobey them? Can I drop my traditions or adhere to them? You, my dear reader, have too many choices to make in your life. Hard choices, like choosing your significant other or easy choices, like choosing what to eat.

Scratch that, there aren't many easy choices in your life; just more important choices to make.

You have gone to the supermarket and you have $100 to spend on groceries for the week (Confession time, I live in San Francisco and yes it's expensive) and you must choose your groceries. Recipes? There are a ton of them to choose from. Fruits? So many. Do you want wine with dinner? Yeah this is hard.

We live in a time with so many choices to make but for some, this is crux. For me, it's a problem to solve.

Do You Have a Choice?

The Matrix, 1999.

The Matrix, 1999.

Well, it depends. I want to live in a world where we can always make the big choices ourselves. Choices such as that moment when you pick the person that you want to marry which is one of the hardest decisions you will to make. Choosing what to eat is along the same vein if you dig deeper: do you want to have a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle? This kind of decision will dictate how long you will live, if you'll have the energy to play with your kids, and your self-esteem. 

The Mission

You are the product of a series of small decisions. Every small decision you make will add a bit to your day and will take time away from your decision stamina. I want to help you make those small decisions in your life. You shouldn't always worry about what clothes to wear in the morning or the food that you will have lunch. If I can help you shape that, then the impact would be immense and life changing. You have enough decisions to make in your life

Fliiip (Temporary name)

I've been searching for the problem to solve and the paradox of choice seems like one of the hardest to solve. This is what I'll be working on for the foreseeable future. Let's try to have a simpler life.